The Double Portion Company has a primary focus of telling the world about Jesus.  As a result, we've created a community of thousands of youth and young adults who are of the Christian faith.  The Double Portion Company is comprised of the Double Portion Brand, Chanda & Chanelle's ministry focused brand.  The Double Portion Brand consists of faith based apparel, inspirational media and the Double Portion Mobile App.   

The Double Portion Brand also consists of the Branding Factory.  The Branding Factory is a premier branding + marketing firm that provides tools for everyday people to start and grow their own successful online brands. 



Marketing & Social Media Coordinator: This individual will primarily be focused on the development of the Double Portion Mobile App. They’ll also be responsible for daily posts on the Double Portion social media page. 

Video & Content Producer: This individual will be focused on helping the twins develop content for their social media and their mobile app. They will also be responsible for pitching content. Must be located in the DMV or Philly/Jersey/Delaware.

Executive Assistant: This individual needs to be located in new castle county Delaware with reliable transportation. They will be responsible for fulfilling orders, replying to emails and communicating with all customers across all Double Portion Co properties. This individual will also work heavily with DP event planning and inventory management. MUST BE LOCATED IN DELAWARE. 

Blogger: This individual will create and curate content for the Double Portion Mobile App's blog section. 

Sales & Marketing Intern: The Branding Factory: This individual will be responsible for finding new mobile app prospects and converting them into customers.  Cold calling, self prospecting and appoints are a part of the job.

These are unpaid internships.