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Mobile App Deposit

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As you can see by the picture, we did not come to play 😂  Take your business to the next level with your very own mobile app! No refunds. Serious clients only. 

Step 1:

Please review the FAQs and our website below BEFORE PURCHASING.


Step 2: 

Set a budget.  Our Mobile Apps start at $3,500 (not including the monthly hosting fee)


Step 3:

Pay Deposit 


Step 4: 

Fill out questionnaire here 


Are there any other fees included?

Great question! Yes, today you’ll only be paying the deposit for your app creation. There is also an annual $99 fee paid to Apple and one-time $25 fee paid to google for your mobile app licensing.

Lastly, there is a monthly hosting fee paid to the branding factory. The hosting fee is $99 a month. 


How long will it take?

Mobile apps typically take 6-8 weeks to get uploaded into google play and the App Store. 


Who will edit my app?

you will be editing your own app. Once provided the app log in, you will edit the app to your liking. Our software is user friendly and designed to cater to the “non techs.” 


What are the the next steps?

once you pay the fee, we will be in contact to collect basic information i.e. app name, app sections/categories, etc.